St. Andrew’s Church

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St. Andrew’s Church – A Centre for Worship in Malahide for 200  years

St. Andrew’s was constructed in 1822 on land donated by Richard Talbot, funded by means of a gift of £830 15s. 41l. 2d. donated by the late Board of First Fruits, a loan of £276 18s. 53l. 4d. from that Board and a donation of £92 6s. 13l. 4d. from Col. Talbot.

The 19th century church was a very small structure, which didn’t include the main aisle and overhead balcony which was subsequently added to the building in 1870 and more recently the addition of St. Marnock’s chapel and ancillary rooms.

The communion table was positioned beneath the east facing stained glass window, which is now partly obscured by the pipe organ, which wasn’t part of the original church. This window is a great example of the work of the well-known and successful London firm of Kempe and Co. It is somewhat unique in a Church of Ireland setting, depicting the crucifixion of Christ on the cross, which as far as we are aware, only one other church in the country similarly portrays the crucifixion in this manner.

The church was consecrated on  21st November 1822.

The  incumbent  at the time of the opening of the church for worship was Rev. Francis Chamley.