St Andrew’s Church Organ—–An Update

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It is planned that a work programme on refurbishing the organ in St Andrew’s Church will commence later this year.

As parishioners will know, the organ – built by Belfast firm Evans and Barr and installed in Malahide in 1908 – has needed substantial repair for some time.

It had been thought originally that it would be more cost effective to replace the organ with a refurbished instrument removed from another church.

And while a number of instruments were identified, all of a similar vintage to the current instrument, none were deemed to be a perfect fit for Malahide church.

The space in which the organ sits is constrained on the one side by the old vestry door and the fine Talbot window depicting the crucifixion on the other side which made it difficult to find an instrument that would work in such a limited space.

To undertake a project like this is an opportunity that comes along but once in a generation and the Rector and Select Vestry were determined that any new instrument, in addition to sounding well, would be aesthetically pleasing to the congregation.

After much discussion with with several independent advisers, we came to the decision that the only viable option was to refurbish the existing instrument.

It is planned that this will take place over two phases during 2024 and 2025.                    Details of the work programme will be announced at a later date.

Once completed the work will ensure Malahide has an organ of which we can be justifiably proud and is capable of meeting the musical needs of the church for the foreseeable future.