St. Andrew’s Church—- re-opening mid February

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The work programme to refurbish the ceiling of the nave area of the church, as previously reported, was successfully completed at the end of November.

Following further investigations of the remainder of the church ceilings, additional defects have been discovered. As a result of these findings, the Select Vestry has decided to refurbish all the remaining ceiling areas in the main building, using the same processes as deployed to restore the ceiling in the nave.

To facilitate this work programme, the main church building will be closed for worship until mid February. St. Marnock’s chapel will continue to be used for services attended by smaller congregations. The cost to carry out this work is estimated at €52k.


This phase of refurbishment is much more complex to complete than the original work carried out on the nave ceiling, which incurred a cost of €23k.The ceilings are considerably higher and in a addition a cantilever scaffolding arrangement is necessary to gain access over the top of the organ to ensure no damage is caused to the instrument.


As was the case with the first phase of the work, all ceilings and walls will also be repainted while the scaffolding is in place.