Dignity in Church Life Charter

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Church of Ireland

Dignity in Church Life Charter

 Church membership implies a commitment to relationship. The gospel invites people into relationship with God and relationship with all who are part of the life of the Church. The pattern of Christian discipleship points to how Christian people are expected to behave in their relationships with one another- church life should be underpinned by respect, valuing everyone’s human dignity before God and the pursuit of reconciliation when conflict arises.

In this context and in the knowledge that relationships in church life, as in all life, can be imperfect, the Church of Ireland is committed to:

  • Building and supporting harmonious relationships in church life across all its structures
  • Upholding the right of all equally to be treated with dignity and respect
  • Seeking reconciliation where there is disagreement or conflict.

The Church of Ireland is committed to upholding this Charter. All individuals participating in the life of the Church have a duty under the Constitution of the Church of Ireland to uphold this Charter, together with such policies, regulations and rules as may be adopted to uphold its principles. All who hold office in the Church have a specific responsibility to promote its provisions.