Annual Easter Vestry Meeting Appointments

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The Annual General Meeting of the parish took place in St. Andrew’s School G P Room, immediately following a Morning Service at 10.30 am in St. Andrew’s Church.

The following were elected to serve as members of the Select Vestry, Parochial Nominators and Diocesan Synodspersons:


St Doulagh’s                          Mrs Ethel Leech (Rector’s)   Mrs Irene Black (People’s)

St Andrew’s                           Mr Derek Moffatt (Rector’s)  Mr Graeme Tarbox (People’s)



Mr Ken McAllister (Rector’s)   Mr Ian Watkins (People’s)


Select Vestry:                       The above +

(Clergy)                         Rev Dr Norman Gamble

(Elected Members)      Mr Victor Black, Miss Hazel Bolton,Mr Brian Brown, Mrs Emer Bryan

Ms Claire Craig, Mr Richard Firth, Mrs Mandy Fleury, Mr Jamie Heffelfinger, Mr Alan Jones,

Mr Jonathan Stokes, Mr Nigel Warburton,Mrs Anne Winslow-O’Dea.


Hon. Auditor:                        Mr Desmond Mullock


Parochial Nominators:       Mrs Sharon Heath, Mrs Anne Winslow- O’Dea, Mrs Emer Bryan, Mr Ken McAllister. (Supplementalists) Mr Ian Watkins, Mr Brian Brown, Mr Graham Smith, Dr Richard Firth.


Diocesan Synodspersons: Dr Patricia Barker, Mr Ken McAllister, Mr Nigel Warburton: (Supplementalists) Mrs Susie Hall, Mrs Anne Winslow-O’Dea, Mrs Emer Bryan.