St Andrew’s Church ceiling

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You may have heard that we have recently encountered a problem with part of the ceiling in the nave of St Andrew’s Church. Patches of the original plaster between
the beams have become detached from the ceiling laths.Work is underway to remedy this problem. A contractor has been appointed and work has commenced during the
last week of October. While this is under way, we will be using the transepts area and the chancel only, and the nave will be sealed off while the work is undertaken.
Entry to the church will be by the old, back entrance which will be signed. We can accommodate about 100 in the transepts and chancel which will be adequate for our
normal Sunday needs.
The work will cost in the region €23,000 but will result in a high-quality resolution of the problem across the entireceiling area of the nave. In the process, the contractor will
also redecorate the nave walls, a task which would haveto be undertaken anyway in the near future. The lighting
will also be checked out while the scaffolding is in place .