Coast and Castle Charity Run…..A MAJOR SUCCESS STORY

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Our  Walk/Run in aid of Homeless Charities took place on Sunday 22nd May raised approximately  £4000 for  the homeless including the Alice Leahy Trust

and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Thanks are due to all who gave so freely of their time in planning and execution, especially Richard Firth, Emer Bryan, Ian Watkins and their team, and to David and Julia Gamble who slaved over a hot barbecue.

Many good lessons were learnt to be applied to planning next year’s event including not to rely on the weather (warm sunshine and a blue sky at the launch soon turned to chilling

downpours!) and  next year, we will try to schedule the event to be less disruptive of parish life and routine!

Over 150 took part, including some folk who regularly run on organised events at the weekend. Our records indicate that we lost nobody, and the Civil Defence team and Ambulance arranged by Ruth Thompson was thankfully not needed to deal with casualties. The overall feedback was very positive with very positive comments on social media sites and everyone who took part seemed to enjoy themselves!