Welcome To Our New Website

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Internet WebsiteI am delighted to welcome you to our parish website and I hope that the available information will be of interest to you and perhaps encourage you to support or become involved in the life of this vibrant community. In doing so, you will hopefully discover new friends and contacts as well as grow in the love and strength of God.

Worship lies at the heart of the parish’s life, but we also support many social activities together, as well as engaging with the needs of the wider community. The parish plays a leading role in local ecumenical activities with the elderly and the bereaved, as well as praying, studying and worshiping together. We are an open and welcoming community of faith and fellowship, seeking to relate the Christian Faith to the challenges of modern life, while remaining loyal to the Anglican vision of Christian life and witness.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our web partners who designed and implemented the new website for us. We elected to work with trigistics, an Irish web innovation and development company who took on board all of our requirements, kept us informed throughout the entire design and development process and delivered exactly what we asked for in a matter of weeks.
- Norman E Gamble, Rector