Holy Week in the Parish

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Holy Week in the Parish

There will be a series of meditative services on the ‘Actions of the Passion’ each evening at 8pm in St. Andrew’s Church.

The topics will be as follows:

Monday      ‘ The foot-washing – Cross as Service’

Tuesday      ‘The self-offering  - Cross as Sacrament’

Wednesday ‘The Prayer – Cross as Work’

Thursday     ‘The suffering – Cross as Pain’

Friday          ‘The death: Cross as Life’

On Good Friday morning there will be an All Age Service in St Doulagh’s at 10am. What we will actually do depends on the weather. On some years when it is dry underfoot, we have been able to walk around the grounds with readings and song, remembering the Good Friday journey of our Lord along the Via Dolorosa to Calvary. Otherwise, and more likely, the service will be in the Church.

That afternoon, at 2pm in St. Andrew’s Church, there will be a Quiet Hour of music and readings as we remember the last hour of our Lord’s earthly life.