Easter General Vestry Meeting 2014

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The Easter General Vestry Meeting was held on Sunday 27th April in the General Assembly room in our parish school, following a combined service in St. Andrew’s Church at 10.30am.

The rector took a new approach to conducting the meeting by delivering his annual report during the service.

He began by saying “ I have great pleasure in presenting this report on the life of our parish during 2013. I begin with expressing thanks to all our parish officers for their hard work during the past year. Brian Cody, the Kilkenny hurling manager, and a primary school principal was asked to address the INTO conference in Kilkenny last week, and the theme of his address was about the essential nature of what he termed ‘voluntarism’, that society needed people to actively involve themselves as volunteers in activities such as schools, sports clubs and churches and that if we ever lost that that we would have lost one of the bonds that binds social activity together.

Brian Cody was obviously thinking of the GAA, and of the support given to small country schools. The Church of Ireland would not exist were it not for volunteers such as yourselves, and I thank all of you for the often sacrificial time you give to the parish and its life in ways both large and small”.

Following light refreshments in the general assembly room in the school, elections took place for the various wardens and parish representative posts and the Select Vestry, full details of which are included in the website under the section Parish Support Organisations-Select Vestry.